It’s been an honor. Helping build this broadcast into what it is now was the highlight of my time at OU.

This all started for me when I got an email in November of 2019. The broadcast crew was missing a few heads and needed a color commentator for the Sooners’ upcoming series against Alabama. Without hesitation, I said yes, and joined John Adkins in the booth two days later. The Sooners won that game.

I’ve watched this program go through a massive undertaking, and I fully believe that they’ll be back on the national stage contending for titles again in the very near future. They have the coaching. They have the players. They have the structural support.

I am eternally grateful to Brad Bassett for having my back through some very tumultuous times for the program and the broadcast. His support is the main factor in turning our show into what it is now. We were never left wanting for tools in our war chest. “Hockey Time In Oklahoma” does not happen with the investment Brad Bassett made into our broadcast.

The amount the players of this team have grown over the last season and a half cannot be overstated. This is a full-blooded college hockey program that does the university they represent  proud.

To Coach Berge, Coach Miller and Coach Arvanitis: thank you for the access to yourselves and your players that you gave us.

Thank you to all my teammates from the last 4 years: John Adkins, Matt Bowling, Ben Thomas, Ruxton Kelly, Britton Ross, Parker Vint, Christian Markey, Amy Acevedo, Lauren Simpkins and Noah Jones.

And to my partner, Caleb Shaw: we shared the crow’s nest for so long. We’ve called many games together, and I’m proud to call you my partner, and my friend. Hockey Time needs you much more than it needs me. I leave this broadcast in your capable hands.